Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Opinion Writing...Kinder Style

My kinders' writing has come a long way.  A long, long, long way.  I walked around today during writing and I could read every single piece.  For me, that is a pretty good indication that my students understand what it means to be a writer and can create pieces for the reader to read.  SCORE!

We use Lucy Calkins and this trimester our focus is opinion writing.  To give my lessons some direction I have been using this book:

Each day I ask a question from the book and then give them time to write.  Today they wrote if they would rather be thunder or lightning.  Here is how we go about it...

1.  Think about which one they would rather be (their opinion...not a friends!).
2.  We brainstorm as a class some supporting details for each one.  
For example, we said it would be cool to be thunder because it is loud, we could shake buildings and we could scare people.  On the other hand, it would be fun to be lightning because we could light up people's houses, zap things and turn off the power.
3.  I dismiss the students and give them time to write. 
4.   I walk around and conference with students.  I LOVE this time.  It is a chance for me to see their progress and help them become better writers. 
5.  We use the editing checklist at the bottom of the paper for writers to use to make sure they have everything they need in their pieces.   
6.  At the end of the writing block they get to share what they wrote with a partner.  Today they shared with their locker pairs.

That's it!  If you want my writing paper, snag this FREEBIE by clicking on the photo below.

In other news...T-minus 25 days until I present at the Minnesota Kindergarten Association Spring Conference!  I'll be talking about Guided Reading and how I've made it work in my classroom.  I'm so excited to meet the other presenters (Nancy Carlson, Pete Harry (THE Harry Kindergarten), and Shari Sloane).  Let me know if you're going to be there!  I'd love to meet you!  Click on the picture below to find out more and register if you haven't already.


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