Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Currently-January 2015

Happy New Year's!  I was thinking the other day about how crazy it is that I've taught for 15 years now.  When I first started I asked a more seasoned teacher how long they have been teaching and being in awe when they said 15 years.  I thought they must have seen everything and know everything.   I've seen and heard a lot, but I am no expert!  I have started to think about what's next for me though.  Farley's Currently is the perfect way to reflect on what's next!

Listening...we're headed to the neighbor's house to ring in the New Year but first we're watching a movie the girls got for Christmas.

Loving...I am not as organized as I was before I had kids but once in awhile I get a HUGE case of organization fever.  Last Saturday I cleaned out our kitchen cabinets, my girls' rooms and just about everything else in our house.  Our donation bin and garbage was overflowing and I can breathe much easier!

Thinking...I LOVE my job but I also love a little time off to recuperate and have fun with my girls.  

Wanting...I really feel content in my personal life and with my girls.  Professionally....

Needing....January is a HUGE month in our house.  Birthdays, cheerleading competitions, a trip to Vegas, school events, etc.  Thank goodness for family and friends who can help out!

Yes...I was doing really well on the road to healthy eating and then BAM!  I need to get back on track!

Maybe...I have always wanted to help other teachers become better teachers.  I've taught some classes and lead a couple of book studies but I am getting the itch to do more.  I'm not sure what or how but I'm ready.  

I wish...I've told people that I would love to go into a school who needs help with Guided Reading or Daily 5 or anything!  Starting my Reading License will hopefully help me get on the right path.  Maybe this is the year!

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  1. Have a GREAT year! We will have to get together over the summer! Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks Blog

  2. Sara,
    I am a Literacy Consultant and I go to schools and help them with Guided Reading and Daily 5 and lots of other things! I do love it! I hope you find success with it too! Happy New Year!

  3. I am also getting back on the healthy food band wagon! You really should check out Advocare! It is tough but it is a great way to retrain your brain into craving real foods and not processed junk!

    Have a Happy New Year!

  4. Well our Yes is pretty much the same. I think that is on a lot of Good for you on cleaning out and organizing. I managed to get the boys drawers cleaned out, but I still have several other areas on my list. Good luck with your reading license. Wishing you the best in the New Year!

    Luv My Kinders

  5. Happy New Year, Sara! Like you, organization is always a priority for me... I just never seem to quite get there. Congrats on your whirlwind Saturday. That must have been so satisfying to get all of that done!
    Good for you for taking some steps towards becoming a reading consultinant.

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  6. I'm jealous you got cleaning done. I didn't get that far down my to-do list. I say go for it on the reading consultant. I work for a very large district and they just discovered guided reading and had everyone trained in it over the summer. Certainly some teachers are still struggling with it.

    Not Just Child's Play