Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Fever?!

I officially have Spring Fever!  Today it got up to about 60 degrees today.  If you live in the south you have no idea how amazing that feels after dealing with temps like -20.  Love it!

I have to share a non-school related picture quick.  This weekend we celebrated my youngest daughter's 5th birthday.  This girl is larger than life and is so excited to start kindergarten next year.  This about sums her up...
I am also excited to blog about a really cool app I had the opportunity to test drive called Rhyme to Read.  The Rhyme to Read app features 20 books that each focus on a word family.  There are 4 stories for each short vowel.
I love that they give the option of purchasing individual books for only $.99 or the whole enchilada for $9.99.  Seems like a bargain to just buy the entire thing!

Here is a snapshot of one of the pages inside the book Pat (-at word family).
On the left is a running list of all of the -at words from the book.  The top right shows all of the sight words on the page.  Kids can touch those words and it will read them.  That way they can try to read the center text without trouble.  My birthday girl played with this app on the way to grandma's house today.  She was so excited that she could read! 

The ladies who made this app know their stuff.  Notice the color coding?  It encourages kids to use visual and auditory discrimination.  They also have made sure to introduce 35 sight words in these books.  Awesome!

I also love that they give so many ideas for how to use the books.  It makes it super easy for both teachers and parents to use.   I plan on using it during Daily Five: Listen to Reading and at the guided reading table. 

Here is the link for the app so you can get it for your class!  Let me know if you do and what you think!

Please note that I did receive this app for free BUT my review is entirely my own. 


  1. That is one seriously impressive cake! It grabbed my food loving 2 year olds attention straight away (surprise, surprise...). Happy birthday to your daughter - hope she had a wonderful day!


  2. Happy Birthday to your little one! Five is such a FUN age!
    Thanks for the app recommendation. I think I am going to check it out for my own 5 year old daughter, as she seems to be becoming an early reader! =)

    Teaching Munchkins