Saturday, March 1, 2014

Currently-March 2014

Friday was our end of tri and now we are on Spring Break!!!  It seems very early but I'll take it.  My two girls DON'T have Spring Break so I'll be home alone. heard that right...alone!  Monday is chock full of boring doctor and dentist visits but I have nothing on the agenda the rest of the week until Friday when my girls have off for their end of tri. 

I need to catch up on some blogging, too!  Here is my Currently for March!

Pretty self explanatory, right?

My thinking is that I am NOT going to go into work during Spring Break.  I brought some stuff home but that is it.  Scouts honor!

The last one you have to figure out.  I left the answer and you have to guess the question.  Any guesses?

Link up with Farley for your Currently here.  Don't forget the rule of 3!

Also...if you have purchased my Tally It Tuesday pack, go to TPT and download the updated version.  I fixed a couple of pages that needed better spacing.


  1. 14 years of teaching, I'm guessing! :) And if so, you'll have to tell me your secret. This first year is kicking my butt. Glad you're on spring break, enjoy it!

    Fun in PreK-1 & Kinder

  2. First I thought 14 years of marriage, or your girls are 14 years old. However, I think Jessica might be right about the teaching years. :)

    I get spring break in 1 week and counting... can't wait and I am dying for warmer weather. I say that as it is snowing outside yet again. :(
    Ms. K/1 ELL

  3. I'm guessing 14 years of marriage? I'm just finishing up a week's vacation and going back to end of the trimester testing, report cards, and conferences. Enjoy your well earned time off!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  4. You definitely had a busy Monday full with doctors and dentist’s appointment. But the thought of having an early spring break vacation can make you forget all about it and just focus on the fun you'll be having. I just hope that you heard some good news on your appointments, so you don’t have anything nagging at you during your vacation.