Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Too Cold For School? Warm up with a 1/2 off sale!

School was cancelled again today!  It is F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G!  Yesterday my kids and I did a bunch of experiments to see just how cold it was.  First we threw boiling water outside to watch it disappear into a cloud of steam.  Then we put a wet T-shirt outside to see how long it would take to freeze solid (2 minutes!!).  We also blew bubbles to watch them freeze.  I also took time to plan the month and do laundry.  

Today's agenda includes a GIANT fort and a LOT of catching up on my list of things to create for TPT.  I want to share a couple of my creations with you.  First, I made a Learning to Read Jukebox for my SMART board.  I love being able to quickly start a song on the SMART board for transitions and instruction.  There are 4 pages in this one.  Alphabet, Letter Sounds, Color Words and Reading Skills.  All of the songs are on SafeShare.TV so no ads!  Just click on the graphic and the video will start!


I also made a Brain Breaks Jukebox.  This SMART Notebook file has 36 links to songs also using SafeShare.TV.  I use these all the time, especially on indoor recess days (which I'm pretty sure we're going to have for a LONG time).

Both of these are half off ($2) today and tomorrow since I've had 2 extra days off of school! 

I have a feeling we'll be doing a lot of these tomorrow!


  1. What fun experiments to do with the freezing cold! I might use some of these ideas to do tomorrow with my students! Also, your joke boxes are so cute! How do they work? You just click on the graphic and it starts playing music? How cute!

    Teacher At The Wheel

  2. Love the idea of your Smartboard Jukebox!! Wish I was skilled enough to make it work on a Promethean Board...

    1. I wish I could help but I'm not familiar at all with the Promethean Board :(