Monday, January 20, 2014

I LOVE Long Weekends!

This has been an almost perfect weekend.  Friday night the hubby and I went to go see Jerry Seinfeld's show as a belated Christmas gift to each other.  Hilarious!  

My parents took my girls overnight so I actually got to sleep in on Saturday...a rare treat.  

Yesterday I just cleaned and played with my kids.  Today I as supposed to go to the Mall of America with my grandma but my youngest isn't feeling too hot. 

I've also packed in a lot of school work.  100th day...planned.  Assessment for 2nd tri...ready.  10 new iPad minis synched...yep! 

Tomorrow we have a PD so it's jeans and out for lunch.  I love days like that!

Anyway, my friend Amy from Happy Teacher Heaven arranged a Facebook Freebie hop over the weekend and I gained an amazing 932 followers!  Seriously shocking!  Amy is an very generous blogger and has helped me more than a few times over the past year. 

Hello to all my new followers and thanks for remaining with me to my old ones!

Anyway, on Friday we talked about Martin Luther King, Jr.  
We started with a free video about him on Brain Pop Jr. 

We also watched these:


 I love that it explains things in a very kid friendly way.  Next, I showed them a white egg and a brown egg.  I had them guess what would be inside of the brown egg.  Here were the guesses...

 Chocolate?  Duckling?  We have some serious misconceptions! LOL!

Then I cracked the eggs open with a big oh and ah!
 I love the message the kids get out of this.  Gives me chills sometimes!

Only a few more hours of the Snowball Fight Freebie Hop!  You can start with my page here.

Look for this
and let the snowballs fly!

All the links will be deactivated at 10:00 CST so don't wait!


  1. What a fun weekend! Seeing Jerry Seinfeld must have been wonderful! Don't you LOVE accomplishing so much AND relaxing, too?! We need more of these 3 day weekends!
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

  2. Wow what a fun weekend! I hope you have a great PD tomorrow!

    Searching for Teacher Balance