Friday, January 31, 2014

Fill Your Heart With Freebies!

I don't know about you but February is my busiest month of school.  Valentine's Day, 100th Day, Dental Health, Groundhog's, 2nd trimester testing...the list goes on and on!  It is all fun but a little stressful.  I was so happy to hear from my friend  Jessica over at Fun in PreK-1 who set up a lovely blog hop full of Valentine's Day Freebies!   What a fun way to kick off my favorite month!

It is a good old fashioned blog hop where you can get some freebies with no strings attached!

Along with collecting some fun freebies, you can also enter our giveaway to win a product of your choice from each of our TPT stores.  

My freebie is a game I made to hand out at conferences (which are already next week!!).  
I have some kiddos who are still struggling with number identification.  There are 3 games included that parents and kids can use at home.  Or, throw it in a math station!  
Click on the graphic below to get your own copy.

After you've picked up my freebie, head over to Faith at Kindergarten Faith by clicking below.  Tell her I said hi!

AND, don't forget to enter our giveaway! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, January 20, 2014

I LOVE Long Weekends!

This has been an almost perfect weekend.  Friday night the hubby and I went to go see Jerry Seinfeld's show as a belated Christmas gift to each other.  Hilarious!  

My parents took my girls overnight so I actually got to sleep in on Saturday...a rare treat.  

Yesterday I just cleaned and played with my kids.  Today I as supposed to go to the Mall of America with my grandma but my youngest isn't feeling too hot. 

I've also packed in a lot of school work.  100th day...planned.  Assessment for 2nd tri...ready.  10 new iPad minis synched...yep! 

Tomorrow we have a PD so it's jeans and out for lunch.  I love days like that!

Anyway, my friend Amy from Happy Teacher Heaven arranged a Facebook Freebie hop over the weekend and I gained an amazing 932 followers!  Seriously shocking!  Amy is an very generous blogger and has helped me more than a few times over the past year. 

Hello to all my new followers and thanks for remaining with me to my old ones!

Anyway, on Friday we talked about Martin Luther King, Jr.  
We started with a free video about him on Brain Pop Jr. 

We also watched these:


 I love that it explains things in a very kid friendly way.  Next, I showed them a white egg and a brown egg.  I had them guess what would be inside of the brown egg.  Here were the guesses...

 Chocolate?  Duckling?  We have some serious misconceptions! LOL!

Then I cracked the eggs open with a big oh and ah!
 I love the message the kids get out of this.  Gives me chills sometimes!

Only a few more hours of the Snowball Fight Freebie Hop!  You can start with my page here.

Look for this
and let the snowballs fly!

All the links will be deactivated at 10:00 CST so don't wait!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Snowball Fight FREEBIE Hop!

Don't miss the BIGGEST Snowball Fight of the Year!!
22 of your favorite bloggers have teamed up to bring you a...

Our forts are built...

the snowballs are packed & stacked...

and we're about to BLAST you with FREEBIES!!

So lace up your boots, pull on your mittens,

and get ready to load up on 'SNOW' much good stuff!!

Hop on over to to the Polka Dot Kinders facebook page to pick up my freebie!

I am giving away one of my FEATURED products!
I hope you enjoy!

Look for this tab on every facebook page to find the next FREEBIE.

Note: You will not be able to access the freebies from an iPad.  

Click the image below to download a copy of the clickable map to find your way to all the 'snow forts'!

The Snowball Fight begins at 10 am CST on Saturday, January 18th.  
But don't delay because the snowballs melt at 10 pm CST on Monday, January 20th!!

We hope you have fun on the hop and find lots of fun freebies that you and your kiddos will love!
Make sure to follow our blogs too so you'll never miss a FREEBIE!  
Thanks for joining our Snowball Fight!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Too Cold For School? Warm up with a 1/2 off sale!

School was cancelled again today!  It is F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G!  Yesterday my kids and I did a bunch of experiments to see just how cold it was.  First we threw boiling water outside to watch it disappear into a cloud of steam.  Then we put a wet T-shirt outside to see how long it would take to freeze solid (2 minutes!!).  We also blew bubbles to watch them freeze.  I also took time to plan the month and do laundry.  

Today's agenda includes a GIANT fort and a LOT of catching up on my list of things to create for TPT.  I want to share a couple of my creations with you.  First, I made a Learning to Read Jukebox for my SMART board.  I love being able to quickly start a song on the SMART board for transitions and instruction.  There are 4 pages in this one.  Alphabet, Letter Sounds, Color Words and Reading Skills.  All of the songs are on SafeShare.TV so no ads!  Just click on the graphic and the video will start!

I also made a Brain Breaks Jukebox.  This SMART Notebook file has 36 links to songs also using SafeShare.TV.  I use these all the time, especially on indoor recess days (which I'm pretty sure we're going to have for a LONG time).

Both of these are half off ($2) today and tomorrow since I've had 2 extra days off of school! 

I have a feeling we'll be doing a lot of these tomorrow!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

I'm addicted!

I learned about the best product from Lakeshore Learning this summer.  I have to say that I might be addicted to them.  There are so many uses for them!
II put them on the back of my alphabet gems that I use for Word Work.

I also used them last month for another Word Work basket.

I just stuck a magnet on the back of pom poms and put them on a cookie sheet.  The kids can write the word on the middle of the sheet and them cover it with the pom poms.  So easy!
Do you use these little magnets?  I'd love to hear how you use them...go ahead and feed my addiction! ;)

In other news, the governor of Minnesota has closed all schools on Monday!
I am so excited to spend another day at home!

Last, I noticed I am SO close to reaching 500 followers on Bloglovin'.

If you refer a friend (or two) and they start follow me, leave a comment with their name and your name (and e-mail) and I'll give you a free product from my store!  I'm hoping to reach 500 soon!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Currently January 2014 Edition

Happy New Year!  

Listening...Have you see Frozen?  We've seen it twice and are supposed to go again today!  The music is amazing!

Loving...I love Christmas but I LOVE putting my house back together afterwards.  

Thinking...My good friend from my K team had her baby today.  Another team member is due in a month along with my sister.  I am really excited to be a Aunt again!

Wanting...I usually have a to-do list for breaks.  I accomplished a big project but need some more time for the rest.  I don't think I'll ever catch up!

Needing...Anyone else suffer from a lack of motivation sometimes?  I have been a bad blogger lately.  I need to make a schedule for myself!

Memory...It is pretty self-explanatory but nothing makes my heart sing more than seeing my girls happy.

Link up with Farley and don't forget the Rule of 3!