Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Science, Pigeons and Hot Dogs...Oh My!

Today was one of my favorite days of the entire year!  It was our third annual HOT DOG PARTY today!  We have spent the last 3 weeks reading books by my favorite author Mo Willems.  For our big finale we all make these adorable pigeon hats and head down to our cafeteria.  We eat hot dogs and watch 

This year was the best party yet because I have a parent who owns REAL pigeons!  They brought them in to show the kids.  It was pretty cool!

Last, but not least, Mo's new book came out today.  It was delivered to my house today and since my sweet husband was working from home, he drove the book to my school.  I was so excited to read it to my kiddos!  

In other news, I heard from a couple people they were interested in seeing what I do for
 Mad Science Mondays.  I put it all together for my newest product...
This pack includes directions for an entire year of Mad Science Monday experiments that are themed.  The themes are: 
September-School Rules & Tools
October-Apples, Fire, Pumpkins, Monsters
November-Five Senses
December-Gingerbread & Holidays
January-Winter & Space
February-Earth & Valentines' Day
March-Farms, St. Patrick's Day & Weather
April-Plants & Weather
May-Sun & Summer

The sheet can be simply used as directions for you OR you can send home the sheet at the end of each month so that families can have fun playing scientist at home.  The pack also includes a recording sheet that takes kids through the steps of the scientific method. 

As a bonus, the experiments match our science targets for kindergarten.  These are Minnesota's targets:

I can describe and compare with others the weather around me.
I can sort objects by human made and those found in nature.
I can sort objects by color, size, shape and texture and explain why.
I can record the weather and notice the changes.
I can identify the sun as a source of heat and light.
I can observe and compare plants and animals.
I can identify the parts of plants and animals including humans.
I can sort living and nonliving things.
I can name and describe living and nonliving things in it’s natural environment.
You can check it out on TPT here.

Still reading?  Leave a comment with favorite Mo Willems book or favorite science experiment to do with kids and I'll give away A Year of Mad Science tomorrow night.  Don't forget to leave your e-mail address, too!


  1. Love this product! I love anything by Mo Willems, but I am especially smitten by his Knuffle Bunny series - my kiddos love him too! :)

    Mindful Rambles

  2. I love any of Mo Willems' books, but my kids really love the pigeon books!! :)


  3. Don't Let The Pigeon Drive the Bus!! has to be my favorite Mo Willems book!! :o)


    1. I was just introduced to his Elephant & Piggie books last year. They are hilarious and the kids absolutely LOVE them. Will have to get the newest. Teaching with Giggles

  4. My class last year really got into the Pigeon books, so I just started collecting Mo Willems books. Awesome - so much fun! Lots of science experiments are fun, like cleaning the pennies, volcanos, salt and pepper w/Dawn, but my favorites are the melting the ice ones and the weather stations.

  5. I love growing plants with my students. I think that the one that I enjoy the most since it just amazed them is when they each place a dirty penny in a cup of cola and then see it as it gets clean.


  6. I would love to have your Mad Science unit. It looks fantastic! We did several apple experiments this year and they were all a big hit. I think my kinders thought the coolest was when we cut the apple laterally and it made a star in the center. The kiddos thought I had brought a "magic" apple or a "special knife". It was great fun!


  7. I love to explore obleck during our Dr. Suess unit. Students can never figure our if it is a solid or liquid! Wish I had more Mo Willams books in my library now! etrieber@gmail.com

  8. Love love love Mo Willems! Not sure if I can pick between the pigeon and elephant and piggie. My kids love him and so does my niece. Classic don't let th pigeon drive the bus might be my fave. Kheinrich9@gmail.con

  9. I love Don't Let Pigeon Drive the Bus. We also have fun with our boat building during our sink/float unit. Renetowens@sbcglobal.net

  10. Oobleck has to be my favorite science activity with my class! So many things to do with it - blow bubbles, bounce it, use it to copy comics, like we old girls did with silly putty. Love all the Mo books!

  11. I love all the books!!! My favorite thing to do with the kids is watch caterpillars turn into butterflies because it is their favorite thing too!!! Oh and I also love doing the boiled egg sucked into a bottle experiment. They are amazed!!

  12. I love his books too! We just recently read "Should I Share My Ice Cream" and the kiddos LOVED it! Your unit looks great!
    Karen Rowland
    Adventures With Firsties