Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mondays, Fridays and a Writing Freebie

I am loving Mondays this year!  Weird, I know but for good reason.  This year I implemented Mad Science Mondays!  Each Monday we do a science experiment that matches our theme.  The kids LOVE it!  Then I saw an idea on First Grade in Foxwell Forest for making our own lab coats out of white T-shirts.  So much fun!  We made them the other day by cutting down the front (from next to waist).  Then they wrote their name and the word Scientist on the back.
Aren't they cute?!  My kids can't wait to wear them each Monday! 

I am also loving Fridays!  We have a cart of iPads in our school loaded with good apps.  I check it out each Friday for an hour.  
Here are some of our favorite apps...


We have rocked the Daily Five this year!  It took only 3 days to reach our stamina goal of 10 minutes.  Then, we mastered Word Work in 3 days.  Listen to Reading was a breeze.  I most recently introduced Work on Writing.  I am trying something new this year and am really liking it.
I have 6 bins for Work on Writing.  Kids can use their writing notebooks to write what they want.  I used clear packing tape to attach their name card to the inside.  I ask them to write their name using the model on the top of the page they are working on.  I used clear packing tape to attach the card so they can flip the name card to the right page. 
 Then they are ready to write.
Each bin has the fabulously FREE cards from Kindergarten Smiles

I also made this card for my kids.

I haven't offered a freebie for awhile so you can get your own card for FREE by clicking on the picture.  It is also editable so you can enter the names of your kiddos in the box "our class."  I printed 6 of them on card stock and put them in a page protector.  Kids can write these words in their notebooks.

I wanted something else for the bins so I am also using the Deedee's Writing Word Stations.

So far I've just introduced lists and labeling, but my kids love it!  What do you put in your Work On Writing tubs?  I'd love to hear!


  1. I love your Mad Science Mondays! I would love to implement this one day! Thanks for idea!

  2. I love making the kids a lab coat. I am going to have to add that. I dress as the mad scientist when we do big,big science and my kids beg for us to do science.