Sunday, September 8, 2013

Winner and a Freebie!

Congratulations to Corie E!  She won a brand new pencil sharpener courtesy of Classroom Friendly Supplies!  She is a girl after my own heart because she picked the fabulous new PINK one!
 Remember that $1 from the sale of every Precious Pink Pencil Sharpener will be donated on your behalf to cancer research and awareness!  So cool!

This next week is School Tools week.  I will introduce a different tool every day and give my kinders some practice using the tools.  First up are Crayola Twistable Crayons.
Our team started putting these on our supply list a few years ago and have never looked back!  If you have never used them, try them!  I love that I don't have to peel down the paper and the tips never break.  One pack lasts ALL YEAR LONG!  It's enough to make any kindergarten from going crazy.  Speaking of crazy, I shared this on my Facebook page, but have to share here, too...
So true!!

Anyway, when I introduce the Twistable crayons, I also talk about being a 3 star artist.  I'm sure you've seen all the anchor charts on Pinterest.  I'm not sure who created the first one but what a great idea!  I went into school today to start making my anchor chart and half way through decided to create a smaller poster instead.  I haven't offered a freebie in awhile so I also uploaded it to my TPT store.  Click on the poster to download it for yourself.  Don't forget to leave some feedback!

I'll color it in front of the class using the rubric as the guide.  Then I'll give my little polka dots
 Fran Kramer's foldable book: The School Supplies.  It is a perfect way to practice.  If you don't have it already, hop over to Fran's blog to pick it up for free!
I also have a coloring rule in my room.  If you are five-years-old, you have to use at least 5 colors when coloring a page.  Six-years-old?  6 colors when coloring a page.  This helps prevent kids from taking an orange crayon and scribbling all over the page before saying, "I'm done!"  If they do, I count up the colors and say, "Oh!  I didn't know you were only one-years-old!"  They will laugh and get out another crayon.  Works like a charm!  

Before I go, I want to remind you that you only have a day left to enter Learning With Mrs. Leeby's 800 Follower giveaway!  I donated to this amazing giveaway!


  1. Thanks for the 3 star coloring poster! Also love the age rule.

  2. LOVE the coloring poster. We still need this in first grade :)

    Primary Buzz

  3. Love, love, love your 3 star coloring poster!!! Thank you so vry much!!!