Monday, September 16, 2013

What's new in 147?

I am getting better at taking pictures of the things we are doing in Room 147.  Here are some of the highlights!

We started Daily Five last Monday!  The words of the day were stamina and urgency.  Our goal was 10 minutes.  Here is our chart...
  3 days!  It took only 3 days to reach our goal.  I followed the advice of The Sisters and stocked their bins with 8 books.  Typically I would only give them 2 or 3....which makes no sense!  The more books they have, the more they will have to read, right?  Yes!  It worked!  They were also very motivated.  
To celebrate, we have fruit roll-ups and got to shop for books.  They got to exchange the books I gave them for books they really wanted using I-PICK as a guide.  Then I introduced some "fun" ways to do Read To Self.  They loved the little laundry baskets.  I also have some pillows (with removable covers) and reading buddies (stuffed animals to read with).

We started working on Word Work today.  First, we made our I chart so they knew what to do.
You can see that we made it 2 1/2 minutes before stopping today.  I had to share my big "aha" this week.  I attached a small pencil basket to the side of my big word work basket using zip ties.  The writing materials will go in there so they don't get mixed up with the papers.  Works like a charm!   

I have nine different Word Work baskets.  They are:
Phonemic Awareness
Word Building

I know that Daily Five says that Word Work is NOT about the materials but about the actual words BUT I (and I think my kids) need variety.  Play-doh or beads might be fun for a month or two, but for the whole year?  Probably not.  I'm not a random type person so I needed a plan for what to put in each basket.  The first three baskets are for my lower kids who need more practice with the alphabet/sounds.  The bottom baskets all have ways for kids to practice the sight words we are working on.  I'll write a whole post on Word Work sometime soon...

The last thing I want to share from today was that we started Lucky Duck!

Lucky Duck is my helper/student of the day.  I use the Random Image Generator from SMART exchange to select who it is.  That person gets to wear one of these cute alphabet ducks I got from Oriental Trading (the letter duck that matches the first letter of their name).  I guess they discontinued them.  We use our cheerleader name book to spell the name, count the syllables, count the number of letters, and cheer the name with pompoms.  That person gets to stand on the duck when we line up (instead of their line up number from the fabulous Jamie Mayas).
The Lucky Duck also gets to be the calendar teacher and be first for just about everything during the day.  My polka dots can't wait for it to be their turn.

I think I might actually post twice this week!  I'm saying it so I have to do it :)
Stay tuned!   


  1. LOVE everything about this post! Love the laundry baskets, pencil baskets, AND those lucky ducks!! Stealing these ideas! :)

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  2. 3 days?? Ugh. We are nearing 3 weeks and we haven't gotten to 20 minutes yet! I have such a chatty class! Last year we did it in 5 days. This year, well, hopefully we'll reach 20 minutes by Christmas! :)

    Always an Adventure in Kindergarten

    1. Good luck! I've had years like that, too.

  3. Quick question....I am new at teaching...and at the daily do you deal with the worksheets they use in wordwork? do you have them turn everything in and then you grade it? Not sure how to keep up with all that...any advice would be lovely :) Thanks!!

    1. I don't use a ton of worksheets but I don't collect them when I do. They will put it in their mailboxes to go home. My thought is that they are practicing sight words so as long as they are on task, they are working towards their goal. I'll glance at them every so often (especially my low kids) to make sure they are completing the task correctly though. :)