Saturday, September 7, 2013

Five for Fraturday!

Better late than never, right?!?  
 Room last!

View of the entrance to my room.  
 View of the front of my room.

Alphabet Ducks.  Kids will get to wear one when they are the Lucky Duck (Helper of the Day).
Mailboxes, Back Counter & My office area

Line Up Dots...they are from Jamie Mayas.
My janitor even waxed OVER them so they would last longer.  I just checked Jamie's store and she removed them for awhile so she can catch up with all the orders.

My doorway.  My How To Say Hello Freebie (get it for free on my Facebook page!), doorway ribbon curtain.
Lockers.  The kids made their own locker name sign but not everyone had come to our Assessment Day when I took the picture.

 Reading buddies, Brag Tags/Dr. Jean cheer cards and Beanie Baby Reading Strategies.
My girls started school on Tuesday!
My oldest is going to 1st grade and my youngest started Just4K (Preschool).

Math Work Stations!  We started Exploration Stations on Friday.  Our first one was pattern blocks.  

I was excited to see them stack them, create with them and turn them on their sides!

Our first project!  I introduce our school tools slowly.  On Thursday we had only talked about pencils and glue sticks.  To give my kids more practice with glue sticks, I thought of doing the cute name mosaics I've seen all over the blogging world but needed something a little faster.  A coworker thought of just doing the first initial.  I, of course, had to use circles for my little polka dots.  I love the way they turned out!

I introduced scissors on Friday.  I am happy to report that almost all of my polka dots knew how to hold a scissors already!  Traditionally I've had my kids make a school bus to give them some practice, but then saw Deanna Jump's freebie bus page.  
I thought it was so cute and combined the two things. 

Don't forget to enter my pencil sharpener giveaway!  Only a few more hours left!  Good luck!
A reminder that only US residents can win.


  1. PURPLE! Too bad they don't have it, so blue or red!

  2. What a fun bus activity!! I'm filing that away for next year =)

    Teacher at the Wheel

  3. I would definitely pick the pink one. I love it!

  4. Oooh, that pink one is gorgeous!

    P.S. - Better late than never! ;)

    Miss White's Classroom

  5. I'd love pink...however, since my room is a Colorado outdoor theme, I think the red would work better. Would go well with my fabulous red stapler!!

  6. Your room looks great and so do your mosaics. Awesome idea! xo
    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  7. I really like your room. It is so colorful! Can you please tell me where you purchased the white mesh shelves? I think you have your library on these shelves. I really like them. Thank you!

  8. Hi!

    Love your room! Thanks for sharing the pics. Where did you get all the polka dot printables (shapes, numbers, colors)? Or do you sell them.

    Carol T.

    1. Hi Carol,
      I got the color cards from Caitlin Clabby ( The shape cards are from her too ( The number cards are a freebie from Vickie Plant ( Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Found your post on Five for Friday. Following! Smiles, Jayne
    Smart Kids
    ABCs of Reading