Thursday, August 22, 2013

Organize, Organize, Organize and FREEBIE alert!

Wow!  I'm finding it hard to pay attention to my little blog AND get all my back to school stuff done.  I went in every day this week but am taking tomorrow to go to the Minnesota State Fair with my daughters.  We have a tradition where we go through the Little Farm Hands section.
Here is my oldest back in 2009



I love seeing how much they've grown from year to year. 


My big project this week was re-organizing math stations.  My fabulous team took some this out of our summer to differentiate some of the math stations we created a couple of years ago.  Yesterday we shared our new ideas which was very cool.  


I left the meeting feeling extremely overwhelmed.  How was I going to organize all of this?  I have always used the binder system but a lot of the things I made and received were hands on materials that wouldn't fit in a binder.  10 stations a month for 8 months is a LOT of stuff (I do exploration stations for September).  I also had math bins in my cupboard that were organized by topic that I needed to think about (measurement, time/money, number writing, etc.).  

I took it all home and sat on the floor last night to try and figure it all out.  I wish I had taken a picture but it was a mess.  I was not having it.  Then, my coworker called and she came up with a genius idea...organize my cupboard bins by MONTH!  I could have hugged her.  

I needed something to act as a key for what to put in the tubs so I whipped this up for each month...

I filled in each box (some bins have two items a month and some just have one), printed it and spent the day filling up my bins.  It was also a nice time to go through my math materials and purge! 

Here is the finished product!
I am in love!  I put all the copies I'll need for the month inside of the plastic sleeve behind the cover page.  I can just grab it and take it to the copier when I'm prepping. 

I added my planning sheet to my TPT store as a freebie!  Best yet, it is EDITABLE!  

Just download it and you can plug in your plan. 

Get it here.

How do you organize all of your math stations for the year?  I'd love to hear!

I can't wait to hit the fair tomorrow!  I'm going to be getting some of these...
Cheese curds!


And go on this...

So fun!


  1. Thanks for the freebie! Have fun at the fair!

  2. What Math Program do you use? I use Investigations and have been trying to figure out how to keep all the games/ activities in a friendly order. Love the organization month by month!!! Great idea....I've been trying to figure out how to keep it all straight, think I found my answer~

    1. We use Everyday Math in our district. Have fun organizing!