Monday, August 5, 2013

Made It Monday and a Reminder

I have another Made It Monday to share! 

 One of our kindergarten math targets in Minnesota is, "I can put numbers in order to 20."  I can't find it in Common Core but stay with me anyway. :)

Last year I made simple cards for kids to practice putting numbers in order.  
I threw in a timer and some pointers.
Better but still pretty boring.
I decided my goal was to spice it up a bit so that every month my kids would have a different material to work with. 

I shared my first project the other day.  I love these gems!

Here is my next project...
I went to my favorite Home Depot and got some paint chips.  My first attempt at getting numbers on was to use stamps.  It went great until I went to laminate them.  The ink must not have been dry because they all smudged.  Giant fail.

I went to my next favorite Home Depot and decided I needed stickers for the numbers.  I found these at Joann today and absolutely love them because of the font, color, AND that they go all the way to 20!  They were on sale so 120 stickers (1-20) were only $1.90 (I used my teacher discount card, too).  Perfect!

I think I'll put these in a paint cup and give them a paint brush as a pointer so they can review them once they are sequenced.  

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Learn a lot, Polka Dot!


  1. I love your number gems, of course. The paint chips are a neat idea as well - so simple and yet so real world and inviting. Last year, I cut up pictures and put the numbers across the bottom. The kids ordered the numbers to make the picture. They loved doing this for breakfast work.

  2. I love those number gems! How beautiful! The kids will LOVE using those!

    Rambling About Reading

  3. I keep seeing paint chip ideas, and LOVE this one! Heading to the depot tomorrow ;0) Thank you!

    1. Oh, and I meant to ask, did you laminate them the second time?

    2. I did since I didn't have to worry about anything smudging. Good luck!

  4. Sara,

    I LOVE the paint card idea! I will definitely be borrowing it this year.


  5. What cute ideas! I definitely need to spice up some of my math activities.

    Carolina Teacher