Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More Than Words: Write It Wednesday! & Bloglovin Linky

We are at the half way point of the week and with how I teach my students sight words.    If you missed my earlier posts that outline Meet The Words Monday and Tally It Tuesday, be sure to head over.

Today is:
Once again, I flip through the sight word SMART file reviewing what words we have already learned.  We also practice the words using our cheer of the week several times. 
Our work for the day is:

 The pages can be run back to back and cut in half so each student gets a two-sided half sheet.
On the front side, they trace each word.  Two of the words are the new words of the week and the other two are review.  I've shared before, but our OT said it is MUCH easier for kids to trace gray letters rather than dotted letters.  They then use the shape of the word to figure out what empty word frame is for each word.  The students then write the correct word in the correct frame.

On the back, students write each of the focus words for the week 3 more times.  Remember, the pages are to be cut in half lengthwise so the picture looks deceiving.

Here is another example...

That's it for Wednesday!

Also, I'm sure everyone knows about the big switch to Bloglovin going on.  I feel like it is back when Y2K was happening and people didn't know what was going to happen when we hit the year 2000.  I have made the switch and it was quick and painless :)  I admit I am going through withdrawal though.  I usually checked Google Reader two to three times a day so I am having a hard time staying away.  I've made it four days now and instead am checking Bloglovin.
Lori is making it easier for me by having a fun linky for everyone who switched.  Hop on over to see all of the Bloglovin users and maybe follow a new blog or two!  I just checked the list and it is a great group!

Today was day 1 of a leadership institute hosted by a neighboring school district.  I heard Michael Horn, Ken Kay and Dr. Grant Wiggins speak on technology and Education by Design.
One of the big ideas they shared is that we need to help students become independent thinkers who can figure things out for themselves.  Steve Jobs has said that if an employee needs to be managed, he is no longer an employee. 
I love this video the shared:
Tomorrow Dr. Carol Tomlinson will speak on differentiated instruction.  I'm excited to hear her speak.

There is still time to enter these giveaways, too.