Sunday, June 30, 2013

Winner's Announced, SALE & Getting Acquainted

First, a HUGE thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway celebrating 200 TPT followers!  I've loved reading your comments.
Here are the winners! 
The have won my entire store!  Check your e-mail ladies!  Here are some of the stuff they won!

If you didn't win, you are in luck!  I'm throwing a 20% off SALE today.
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Then, Latoya is back!

This week we can get to know each other by playing Tic-Tac-Toe.

I'm going to go diagonally up.

After 13 years in kinder, I am a self-described kindergarten lifer.  I really can't imagine going to a different grade level at this point.  I love that I get to teach students what school is all about.  Plus, seeing their growth from being a non-reader to a reader is amazing and very satisfying.

It's too hard to pick just one but I loved my elementary school.  They would have all school events to start the school year.  One year we all let balloons go with our wishes attached to them (not the best environmentally looking back).  One year the entire school took a field trip on a steamboat.  I remember thinking it was the best school in the world.  That's how I want my students to feel, too!

I kinda feel like I just got back from my dream vacation family vacation!  Disney World was so much fun.  We are already talking about when we're going back.

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Flying into First Grade

Saturday, June 29, 2013

July Currently

I have to admit when I saw all the Currentlys on blogs I had a slight panic attack.  It can't be July, can it?!?  I had to remind myself that there are still 8 weeks left of summer.
After I calmed down, I linked up with Farley with my July Currently.

--My girls are watching Austin & Ally.  It reminds me of Saved By the Bell from my day. 

--I've been going through our Disney World pictures both from my camera and the Photo Pass card I bought.  I'm so glad I paid for the Photo Pass thing because we got some really good pictures of the girls meeting the princesses and our family on the rides.  Then I did a happy dance because there was Groupon today for a Shutterfly Photo Book for only $10!   Score!

--I'm headed to Chicago twice during July.  First, I'm driving with my sister and my two girls over the 4th of July for a family reunion.  I am also excited because I'm going to meet up with Erin from It's Owl Good in Kindergarten!

Then I'm flying to Chicago a few weeks later to see my boyfriend in concert. Who is my boyfriend?  This guy!
  Can't wait!

--I asked my oldest what I needed and she said, "A break!"  She said she would do my chores and I should go out and take a break.  How sweet!

--I need some new clothes for my trips.  I'm on the lookout for a polka dot dress to wear for the first day of school, too.

--I have learned how important it is to form relationships with other bloggers.  It really is a great community of people who help each other out.  I've "met" some amazing teachers through blogging!

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Five for Friday-June 28


I missed posting yesterday about what I do on Thursdays for teaching sight words.  I was so tired after the workshop I was at, I went to bed early.  Time to catch up!  
On Thursdays I again review the SMART board file and review the cheer of the week.  I then pass out an emergent reader that features the new words.
Some of my team members are working on creating new emergent for us to use but I'll share what we've done in the past.  I have used readers from Hubbard's Cupboard, Kindergarten Crayons, and Deanna Jump.  These books give the kids another chance to "butter" the popcorn words with a yellow crayon/highlighter. 

On Fridays I review the SMART file and the cheer of the week once again.  I then pass out the Fun Friday sheet.
I give them a push-pin and send them to the carpet.  I insist they lay on their tummies and prop themselves up on their elbows while they use the push-pin to punch out the dots.  This helps strengthen their core and gives great fine motor practice.  Plus, they are soooo quiet!  A coworker also recommended putting a pencil eraser on the top of the push-pin to give kids a better grip.  I'll have to try it!  The queen of all things "Pokey Pin" is Mrs. Miner's Kindergarten Monkey Business so check out her post to learn more. 

So there you have it!  This schedule has worked really well for me and my kinders.  Last year I only had one student who didn't learn 100% of our 46 words and he was super close!

I spent Wednesday and Thursday at the Minnetonka Institute for Leadership.  Michael Horn (author of Disrupting Class), Ken Kay talked about the 21st Century Skills we need to teach our students (Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and Communication) and Dr. Grant Wiggins speak on Understanding by Design.  I saw Dr. Carol Tomlinson speak on differentiation.  Wow!  She could have talked for another couple of hours.  She knows so much.

I love getting packages in the mail and this week I got 3!  First I got this book:
I entered a giveaway from
The Teacher Wife
and won!  I love reading books on social skills to my kinders and this is a great one.  Frank always tells the truth but is TOO honest and ends up insulting people.  I am excited to add this to my collection of books to read at the beginning of the year.  Thank you to Miss Martin!

My send package was an Amazon box full of books I had previously ordered...

I ♥ books!

The last box came today and here is what was inside:
I love Mavalus tape and ordered a few things for Word Work.  The squeegee is for shaving cream art :) 

I won a $25 gift card to MPMSupplies courtesy of

Kindergarten Korner

and picked out these things.  I got my order super fast and ordering was super easy!

Thank you Kindergarten Korner!
I got together with my kindergarten team today and all 11 of our kids.
It is weird going from seeing them every single day to not.  I've missed them and am glad we could catch up.
Vista Print!
I bought a Groupon awhile ago and finally got around to ordering what I want.  I am most excited to get this sign to hang outside my classroom.
I fell in love with the idea after seeing the sign Elizabeth got as a gift for her classroom.

Kickin it in Kindergarten
Mine isn't hand painted but I can't wait to hang it up.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More Than Words: Write It Wednesday! & Bloglovin Linky

We are at the half way point of the week and with how I teach my students sight words.    If you missed my earlier posts that outline Meet The Words Monday and Tally It Tuesday, be sure to head over.

Today is:
Once again, I flip through the sight word SMART file reviewing what words we have already learned.  We also practice the words using our cheer of the week several times. 
Our work for the day is:

 The pages can be run back to back and cut in half so each student gets a two-sided half sheet.
On the front side, they trace each word.  Two of the words are the new words of the week and the other two are review.  I've shared before, but our OT said it is MUCH easier for kids to trace gray letters rather than dotted letters.  They then use the shape of the word to figure out what empty word frame is for each word.  The students then write the correct word in the correct frame.

On the back, students write each of the focus words for the week 3 more times.  Remember, the pages are to be cut in half lengthwise so the picture looks deceiving.

Here is another example...

That's it for Wednesday!

Also, I'm sure everyone knows about the big switch to Bloglovin going on.  I feel like it is back when Y2K was happening and people didn't know what was going to happen when we hit the year 2000.  I have made the switch and it was quick and painless :)  I admit I am going through withdrawal though.  I usually checked Google Reader two to three times a day so I am having a hard time staying away.  I've made it four days now and instead am checking Bloglovin.
Lori is making it easier for me by having a fun linky for everyone who switched.  Hop on over to see all of the Bloglovin users and maybe follow a new blog or two!  I just checked the list and it is a great group!

Today was day 1 of a leadership institute hosted by a neighboring school district.  I heard Michael Horn, Ken Kay and Dr. Grant Wiggins speak on technology and Education by Design.
One of the big ideas they shared is that we need to help students become independent thinkers who can figure things out for themselves.  Steve Jobs has said that if an employee needs to be managed, he is no longer an employee. 
I love this video the shared:
Tomorrow Dr. Carol Tomlinson will speak on differentiated instruction.  I'm excited to hear her speak.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More Than Words: Tally It Tuesday

Today is day two of introducing the one or two popcorn words to my class.  If you didn't see yesterday's post, you can view it here.

I start by going through the SMART file again.  We also review the word cheer of the week.  
I then introduce the Tally It sheet.

Click on the images to get them from my TPT store.

Beginning of the year version (trace the words in the sentence at the bottom).

Middle of the year version (fill in the blanks with the words).

End of the year version (write a sentence using both words on the line).

This gives students a chance to write the word, trace the word, color the word and find the word.  I once again insist that they verbally spell the words as they write them in all the different places.  It is also a really good way to practice making tally marks!

Here is a list of the words it covers (two words during a regular week and one during a short week):
A the
My you
Up and
Like I
as it
at one
we go
little had
to me
in can
come is
for have
his he
do look
on are
what so
him got
has here
get she
am said
did play
will of
that all
saw this
down was
went with
when they

That's it for Tuesday!

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