Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I love getting mail!  Saturday usually doesn't bring anything great besides the Valpak.
This past Saturday, however, I got a package!

Can you guess what it is? 

Wouldn't that be the weirdest post if I stopped right there?


I'll tell.

THIS came!

My very own pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies!  Not just any pencil sharpener, but the one I have been seeing others blog about and wanting in the worst way.   The 

I have never had luck with pencil sharpeners.  My most recent purchase was an electric one that sounded as if it were grinding bones!  I had to ask my parent volunteers who came to help me sharpen leave the room so I didn't have to yell while teaching.  Shesh!

I've seen the reviews of this one but had to try it myself and Troy was nice enough to send me one.  By the way, Troy is a teacher!  How cool is that!


 Here is my first pencil...the before!
 The after!
 This is my daughter, who also happens to be a kindergartner.  She was AMAZED!  After every pencil she would give me a huge wooaaaaaaahhhhhh! and then laugh and laugh.  She ran around the house and grabbed every pencil she could find. 

I had to sneak it to my school on Monday because she loves that little sharpener!

Here are some more!

 It took me 1 minute to do 5 pencils!  Beat that bone grinder!

I brought it to work and showed a few coworkers.  After showing them how amazing it was, they all asked where they can get one.  Want one for yourself? 
 Tell Troy I sent you!
14 days left!!

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