Sunday, May 12, 2013

Let's Get Aquainted!

Linky Questions
1.  What made you decide to become a teacher?
2. What has been your most rewarding experience as a teacher?
3. If you were not a teacher, what would you be?

I'm glad Latoya is back!  I missed her last week :)

1.  I thought I wanted to be a teacher since I was in kindergarten myself.  I REALLY knew I needed to be a teacher after an amazing 3rd grade teacher.  Thank you Mrs. Alwin!

2.  I have had past students contact me from WAY back (student teaching days even) to tell me how much they appreciated me.  Gives me chills every time.  It makes me feel like my students know how much I care even though they may be too young to fully appreciate it right now.

3.  If I were not a teacher, I would love to be a cupcake baker :)  I have a sweet tooth and I'd love to use my creativity with decorating.

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I'm so excited that tomorrow is our field trip!  We were supposed to go back in April but Minnesota's weather was not cooperating and the pond was frozen! 


  1. Yum! A cupcake baker-that does sound pretty fantastic too..I too have a definite sweet tooth and wouldn't mind working with cupcakes all day either! :)

    Glad I found your blog!
    Learning to the Core

    1. It would be tempting but ohhh so yummy! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I hope your field trip went well! I love the idea of being a cupcake baker! I wouldn't be able to do it! I would eat too many cupcakes!

    The Phonics Phenomenon

    1. It was nice until a girl fell in the pond and we got rained on. Oh well! Better than snow!