Saturday, May 11, 2013

Five for Frat-urday

Ugh!  I hate being late for things but I'm afraid I am.  I have also not blogged this week.  Busy time of year!
Anyway, here are my five random things from this week!

Sunday was the Minnesota Teacher of the Year Banquet.

Here is my portfolio and award.  

I am very honored to have been nominated.  It was nice to go to this once in a career type of event!

This week was F, G, H, I & J.
Monday was F for Football.
 Playing some football in heels and a Vikings jersey.
These girls were making up cheers for the players.  It was so cute!

Tuesday was G is for Green and Games.  Kids could bring a board game from home and wear the color green.

Wednesday was Hat Day. 

We are taking a break with this song.  My kids ask for it EVERY day!

Thursday was I for Insect.  Our kinders brought in an insect...dead or alive.  

We made bugs out of Plaster of Paris.  I poured the mixture into the plastic spoons (ignore my spills!!).  I used the puzzle for the spoons would be more level.
 When they pop out, they are the perfect little bug shape.  The kinders added color with Sharpies but I would not recommend that!  We painted them last year but I ran out of time.

We also did a craftivity for the story There Was An Old Woman Who Swallowed a  Fly
FREEBIE ALERT!!  Snag it from my TPT store for FREE here.

Friday was J for Jump into 1st grade.  I forgot to take a picture but my kids went to a first grade room for a big to get a sneak peek of what is to come.  They always come back sooo excited!
Mother's Day!  We made these necklaces this year.  My daughter's teacher used the idea from The Schroeder Page and I in turn copied her :)

 Sorry for the blur!  
We cut out a heart from Sculpey and then pressed their thumbprint into it.  I baked them for about 15 minutes at home.  Then, they rubbed chalk on it.  I painted it with clear nail polish so the chalk wouldn't rub off and the colors would stand out.
Add a piece of colored cord, a picture and a poem and BAM!  Mother's Day present!
 Look what I got in the mail today!!!  The pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies!  
I am in love!  Look for my full review this week.
Here is a peek at just SOME of the things I got during the Teacher Appreciation TPT sale.

 Fix-It Up! Again-Growing Kinders
Kindergarten Morning Work 1 and 2 from A Teeny Tiny Teacher
My Field Trip-What The Teacher Wants
Writing Through The Year Bundle-Deanna Jump & DeeDee Wills

I also bought a ton of clip art!

 Ugh!  Lesson learned!  Blog a little throughout the week instead of saving it for Frat-urday!  This took awhile to write!  Thanks for sticking around!

Are you late like me?  It 's not to late to link up with Doodle Bugs for your Five For Friday!


  1. I just titled mine "five for fraturday" as well, haha. I'm also a little late this week! I was stuck on a bus yesterday with 53 1st graders singing "that's what makes you beautiful". Maybe we'll have to watch that youtube video for a dance break :)

    Primary Buzz

    1. I'm glad I am in good company on being late :) I admit that I get that song stuck in my head for DAYS!

  2. I was late too! I ran a 5K Rave Run (a glow in the dark run) last I thought I had a good excuse for being late! LOL! Congrats on your nomination!
    First Grade Funtastic

    1. Thanks Sara! Sounds like that was a crazy busy run!