Sunday, April 21, 2013

Rainbow Fun!

My class has spent the last couple of weeks learning about rainbows and colors.   
Here are some good videos to get your kids started with colors...
 Secret Agent Colors
(WARNING!  Your class may ask for this one over and over and over again!)

ROY G BIV by They Might Be Giants

Primary Colors by OK Go

I also love giving my kinders hands on experience with color mixing and 
primary vs. secondary colors.
I put them together and created this...
Inside are directions for seven of my favorite color explorations.  
For each exploration, there is a materials list, directions for set up and color photos.
I also added a Jr. Scientist page for each one.  Students can record what the initial experiment looks like.  Following the steps of the scientific method, they make a hypothesis about what they think is going to happen.  Last, there is space for them to record what really happened.
Here is an example...

Check out my Rainbow Science Fun if you want to add some "color" to the end of the year.   
It is on sale for only $2 until tomorrow night.  

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Only 5 hours left for this one!!


  1. Thanks for sharing about the youtube videos! Those will be fun to show! We just did the milk experiment! My kiddos loved it! We did it 8 times!

  2. I remember doing the milk experiment when I was in school. I definitely need to do this with my class, they would love it!

    Thanks for the shout out!!

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

  3. Looks like fun! At my old school we used to have "mini courses" that kids signed up for and went to every Friday afternoon for a month. One year I did "Rainbow Magic" and did things like this. Of course I had all the kinders sign up!

    Literacy Spark