Friday, March 1, 2013

~Friday Freebie~

I'm linking up with Freebielicious for a Friday Freebie!  This freebie is from my upcoming Spring Weather Unit.  I love reading the book Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.
I remember reading it when I was young and loving it.  After I read it, I have them imagine that they lived in Chewandswallow.  What kind of weather would they wish for?  On this class book page they first draw themselves as a weather forecaster.  Some years I've given them a dye cut of an umbrella to glue in their drawn hand. 

Next, I ask them them to draw their favorite food all around their drawing of themselves.  Of course, they have to write the food on the bottom line. 
This freebie even includes a cute cover to make this book a snap to make.
To snap up this freebie, click here.

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I also found another cool linky from Diane's blog Fifth in the Middle.  You can find your state and link up!!  
Right now I'm the only Minnesota Blogger but I'm hoping some more will link up!

I'm officially on Spring Break now!   I'm not going anywhere but that is fine with me.  I can maybe get caught up with some of my projects.  I saw this pin yesterday though and had to laugh.  
Total truth!



  1. Enjoy your spring break!! That picture is too funny! I may need to send that to my teammates. We just went on our 2 week break on Friday and not one of us left before 6. We were laughing that we could stay forever and find things to keep doing!

    Your blog looks super cute!

    1. Thanks Carrie! Just when I seem to have things just about finished, another 500 pop up! I guess that is the life of a teacher :)

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    1. I'm glad you like it! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. So cute- thanks! And woo hoo to the MN bloggers! We need to plan a meet up this summer!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

    1. For sure! Thanks for stopping by! And, I saw you just won a big giveaway...congrats!

  4. Hi Sara!
    I teach in Annandale MN, so super close:) Lucky you get a spring break. Our district is only doing Thur-Tues this year in order to get out early so that they can demolish our building so that we can move into our new elementary building in August. Excited for that, but not so much for no spring break with this LONG winter!!

    1. We are super close! I think a Minnesota blogger meet up this summer is in order. How fun that you get to teach in a new school! Thanks for stopping by!
      Polka Dot Kinders

  5. I Sara!

    I found your sight through the minnesota blogger link on Fifth In the Middle. If you do a meet up this summer I would love to be included! I teach in St. Paul. I teach Middle School Math right now but hoping that once I gain Tenure I can move to an environmental elementary school!!!!

    Love your blog!
    Lessons With Coffee 

  6. Hello fellow MN teachers! I teach in Maplewood! I love knowing others are nearby! I'll be visiting all your blogs soon as I am new to the blogging world!

    Kate :)
    Visit McDee's Busy Bees Blog

  7. Please feel free to check out my blog I just started.