Sunday, February 24, 2013

Better Late Than Never??

Here are some photos from our fun filled Valentine's Day and 100th Day of Kindergarten.  For some reason, Blogger uploaded my photos in reverse order.  100th day was actually first. Oh well.

For our Valentine's Day rotating party each teacher takes the kids for 25 minutes.  I played Don't Eat Pete and Face Off in my room.   I forgot to take pictures though.  I got the Don't Eat Pete game from The Teacher Wife here.  My kids love it!  I can't remember who I got the Face Off game from but you can snag the one I made here.

I gave them Fruit Loops (leftovers from the 100th day) and two dice.  They got to roll the dice and eat whatever number the numbers equaled.  The last one to eat a Fruit Loop was the champ.  If you know who the Face Off game is from, please let me know so I can give them credit!
 Once they open all their Valentine's Day cards, they glue them all in their book.  I started doing this several years ago and love how they leave with a nice keepsake.
 Showing off their goodies!
 They made their own Valentine's Day containers as part of their February homework.  Take a look at the R2D2!  And you can almost see the Lego one.  Very creative!
 All smiles!

 I love the skeleton shirt on Valentine's Day.

For our 100th Day of Kindergarten, our grade level has an amazing Visitor's Day.  We have Visitor's Days every other month (Pumpkin Party, Gingerbread Houses, 100th Day and Graduation).  Each student gets to have one adult visit and participate in special activities.  For the 100th Day they came for 100 minutes.  They got to spend time in all 6 Kindergarten classrooms plus the stage and hallways for some activities revolving around the number 100.  It works out so nice for us teachers since each of us takes a turn planning and prepping the activities for the Visitor's Day.  It wasn't my turn so all I had to do was buy the stuff for the 100 Trail Mix.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.  Here are some of the things our kids did...
 Cake walk (Counting by 10s).

 Crazy hats!

 What jar has 100 in it?  
I should also mention that kids were wearing 100 things on themselves.  Faith's mom traced her hand 100 times and pinned them on her shirt.  She looked like a cute chicken.
 100 piece puzzle.

 Race to $1

 Here is my class modeling the things they wore.
 Pokey Pin the number 100.
 When they got to school, they put 100 Fruit Loops on a grid and then worked on putting them on the necklace.  After lots of years of experimenting, curling ribbon is the best for the job.  I got the cute 100s from Creative Teaching Press.  $4.99 for 36 but if you go to Lakeshore you can use their buy one, get one 50% off coupon and get enough for 3 years for only $7.50!    

 100 Trail Mix

 Prepping the necklaces

 One of the highlights was our classroom visit from Zero the Hero and Zerona!  We've been getting treats from Zero all year so it was so nice to meet him and his girlfriend.  They brought gifts (sticker and a 100 Grand).  Our janitor Bill LOVES doing this.  He even bought a special striped spandex suit for the occasion.  Caryl our assistant principal was Zerona.
That's about it!  Only 3 1/2 days of teaching this week and then it is my Spring Break!  I have a PLC Facilitator's meeting all day tomorrow and then Friday is an early release.  It is also our Idea Explosion day...more on that later.  Sooo ready for a break!

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