Wednesday, January 30, 2013

BEE hour

Our school calls our intervention hour BEE hour (Best Education for Everyone) since we are the Hornets.  Our grade level was a little worried about it at first.  How would we know what to do?  What would we use?  Pinterest and Blogland to the rescue!  I seriously love these communities where teachers can find quality lessons to use with my high and low students.  We had great success last year during BEE hour and continue to see the benefits this year.

Our next session of BEE hour is focusing on writing.  I'm excited to work with a smaller group on letters and CVC words.  Once I had my assignment, it was off to Blogland to find something cute to work with.  One of the Bloggers I follow is Kindergarten Kel.  Do you follow her?  You should!  She has great stuff and she is my neighbor up here in Minnesota.  She has a great giveaway going on right now.  Check it out here.  I'm crossing my fingers I win because her Sweet Little Valentines Literacy Centers would fit great into BEE hour (and maybe even my guided reading groups).

Wish me luck!  While you are over at Kindergarten Kel's blog, become a follower.  You won't be sorry!

Monday, January 28, 2013

We can cry about it or we can DANCE about it!

I love this kid!  I talk to my class a lot about when things don't go our way.  We work hard to build each other up and support one another when things are not looking good.  Instead of letting challenges get in our way, we dance and try again. 

I am so proud of the hard work my class has done this year.  95% of my class now knows 100% of their uppercase and lowercase letters plus 100% of all the letter sounds.  I have to share what happens when a kid in my class reaches the goal...HUGE celebration!  When I call someone over to my table to test the entire class offers encouragement while he or she is walking over.  Once a child masters the goal, I stand on my chair and we cheer and cheer.  It gives me chills every time.  I add a Brag Tag to the child's necklace and they get to wear it the rest of the day.

Since our SMART goal has been met, our class (along with 4 other classes) get to throw a pie in the teachers' faces.  Our brave principal and assistant principal are also getting pied (is that a word??).  Look for pictures on Thursday.

Monday, January 21, 2013


Have you tried Scentos yet?  I love them.  I stumbled across some Holiday themed ones after Thanksgiving.  I used the Gingerbread Man, Mrs. Claus, and the Elf markers in my Word Work bins for the month of December.  My kids LOVED them.  Then I read that Scentos came out with even more smelly stuff here from Little Warriors.  I had to get to Michaels and check them out for myself.

I bought 3 pens (red, green & blue) and a yellow highlighter.  On the way out the door I also spied the Valentine themed markers so I snagged those too.  With a 25% off coupon, they were less than $1 each.  I can't wait to show my kinders tomorrow.

Here is a fun freebie you can use Scentos with.  Click on the picture to download it.

Just add one of these puppies and you are good to go!

 Have you used Scentos?  What do you do with them?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Celebration School!

Our school received some great news this week.  We are a Celebration School!  I'm very proud to be a part of such a great staff.  We have gone through so many admin and curriculum changes but through it all, we've done great things for our students.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Night

Where does the weekend go?!?  I'm watching Rachael Vs Guy:  Celebrity Cook off.  I love that Chilli from TLC is on the show.  I used to love TLC (NOT The Learning Channel!!).

Anyway, I just uploaded my first product to Teachers Pay Teachers.  You can view it here:

While you are there, please "follow" my store so you can see when I post more things.

Thanks for your support!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Done! BAM!

It has been awhile since posting! I have been busy (as usual).  What have I been doing, you may ask?  I was nominated for the MN Teacher of the Year!  It is a very nice honor that comes with a lot of work :)  I've been stressing over the seven part portfolio to submit to the selection committee.  I sent it last week and am anxiously awaiting my confirmation postcard.  I keep having nightmares that the box got crushed or the 3-ring-binder fell apart in shipping.  Then we wait until February to see if we make the first cut.  They narrow it down to 10 in March.  The winner is announced at a banquet in May.  I would like to make the first cut but no matter what happens, I still find it an honor and it has been a rewarding experience.  It is always nice to hear people say nice things about you and your work. 

In other news, I FINALLY got my DJ Inkers clip art license.  Now I can do a better job of posting freebies and stuff to TPT.  I feel like a broken record, but now it is going to happen!