Sunday, December 9, 2012

LONG post + A Snowy Day=Catch UP!

It's been snowing since last night here in Minnesota.  I'm not a huge fan of snow but it does look pretty.  My girls were supposed to have their church Christmas program today but it got rescheduled to next Sunday.  Sophie helped me wrap presents and now they are napping.  Here is my project..

I saw this on Pinterest here.
I have TONS of books on tape and only one working tape player.  I've felt bad about all my dejected stories so I decided to give it a try.  After some trial and error, I am a CD making machine!

Here is my little assembly line.  I wrote the names of the books on the blank CDs and got the tapes ready.

Here are all of the tapes I've converted already.
I had to play with the settings a little on Audacity and my MacBook doesn't have a microphone plug so I'm using my home computer.  Other than that, it's been pretty easy.  
Because of all the stories I'll have on CD, I decided to submit another project onto Donors Choose to ask for individual CD players.  I've had VERY good luck with projects so far and my teammates have also.  If you want to see my project, go here.

I haven't posted in a bit because I'm having some clip art dilemmas I won't bore you with but we've been having a lot of fun in Room 147!

First we had our 50th day of school.  I love fun days like that.  We asked the kids to dress up in their 50s best and we started the day with a hula hoop contest.
One of my students in her poodle skirt.

Zero the Hero aka our awesome janitor Bill.

I got the cape and mask for him last year.  He really gets into it!

Throwing zero shaped Smarties candies at the kids.
Hula Hoop contest!

 We've also been having fun with The Gingerbread Man!  I think it is my favorite theme of the year.  We decorated our little boys and girls with puffy paint.

We also make them out of real dough and have our lovely cooks bake them for us.  We went to go pick them up from the kitchen before going to lunch ourselves.  Lots of my kinders thought the cookies wouldn't be in the kitchen but there they were.  We carried them to our classroom and let them cool.  After coming in from recess there was a note from our gingerbread!  They were looking for us!  I got the idea from this book.

  We got in our sock feet in order to sneak up on them and then followed the clues around the school.  Love their faces!  We finally found them BACK in our classroom.  Mr. S, our principal, helped the little gingerbread kids find their way.  Of course, we had to eat them up quick!

To end the unit we had our second Visitor's Day.  This time we made gingerbread houses with our visitors.  It is a lot of fun.  I have it at the end of the day so I can send them home with their houses.  Added bonus is that I don't have to deal with the sugar rush from all the candy and frosting the kids eat! 

That catches us up!  I'm excited for the week ahead.  One of my college roommates is coming into town today to present at the TIES conference.  My other roommates and I are going to meet her for dinner at a nice Mexican place called Masa tomorrow night.   Then I'm staying in my friend's hotel before to the TIES workshop myself.  I was named a TIES Exceptional Teacher and will be getting an award at the conference.  Very nice honor and a nice time with old friends.

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