Sunday, November 11, 2012

Catching Up

Pigeon Party!
Phew!  The last couple of weeks have flown by.  Here are a few photos from the events.  Our pigeon party was a lot of fun.  All six classes watched Mo Willem's movies in the cafeteria.
Some cuties with their pigeon hats on.
Visitor's Day

So cute!
On Halloween we had our first Visitor's Day of the year.  It was a HUGE turnout.  Each kinder invited one visitor to help them through lots of pumpkin/fall themed activities in the gym and classroom.

We also talked Monsters that week.  One of my favorite oldies but a goody is to make a monster flip book.  Each student draws a head, body and feet on a page.  Bind them all together and cut on the lines to create a flip book.  I cannot stress this enough!  Bind FIRST!)  My first year I cut on the lines first and it was a nightmare trying to match them all up.  Click on the link below to get it for yourself.

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