Sunday, October 28, 2012

CrAzY wEeK aHeAd!

I'm sitting here watching Halloween Wars and wondering what was I thinking when scheduling this week!  We start with a PLC meeting tomorrow morning.  Our school is reconstructing our report cards so they are standards based.  It wasn't too much of a stretch for kindergarten but there was still some revamping to be done.  I will present the assessment binder to the team tomorrow.  I'm hoping they will be nice :)   
Then, tomorrow my awesome team is doing a Hot Dog Party in honor of our author study Mo Willems.  I heart Mo!  We serve hot dogs and watch his movie on the giant screen in the cafeteria.  So much fun!  I went shopping today and tried to ignore the crazy looks from people when they saw my cart overflowing with hot dogs, buns and cookies.  My 3-year-old didn't help when she starting belting out a song of her own creation all about hot dogs. 
Wednesday.  Do I really have to tell you how crazy that is going to be?  My team is hosting our first Visitor's Day of the year.  Visitor Days are days when each student can invite one special adult in for an hour or so of fun with the kindergartners.  This time we have 16 fall related stations set up in the gym and our classrooms.  Again, so much fun but boy is it a lot to set up!  We also watch Spookley the Square Pumpkin and call it a party.
Friday is our school's Movie Night.  We are trying to raise enough money to buy a sign for in front of our school.  Not just any sign.  A super deluxe amazing spectacular SIGN!  This is the 5th movie night I've spearheaded.  Lots of fun but more work.  I'm hoping my lovely team will go out for a drink after it is all over Friday night!
I'm excited to start posting to TPT but first they need to confirm a few things.  I'm trying to decide what my first official freebie should be.  Maybe our November calendar page.  Then people might decide they want them all!

One photo of our trip to Vegas.  We are outside of Serendipity 2 waiting to see the show Absinthe with my good friend Missy who lives in Vegas.  We ended up being awake for 24 hours straight with the time difference!  Loved not having to wake up early the next day.  If you ever get to Las Vegas, I highly recommend the show Absinthe if you are not easily offended.  It was hilarious but there were some older people who left half way through.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Google Docs

Hooray!  I figured out how to use Google Docs instead of Scribd.  I am re-posting the last freebie since I had some mistakes in it.  Thanks to a good friend, I fixed them.

Ways to Help your needy kids during Guided Reading

This weekend I'm going to post some more and get onto TPT. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I STILL haven't had a chance to join Teachers Pay Teachers in order to post more of my things.  My husband and I are headed to Las Vegas Friday and I'm in crazy mode trying to get ready.  I went to Maurices (LOVE) and went on a shopping spree!  Also, bought myself a CHI!  Do you Chi?  My friend said it will change my life.  :)
I'm so looking forward to a break from work and my own two girls after the last couple of weeks.  This mom needs a break! 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Lookin' Good!

Check out my new blog design by Dreamlike Magic!  I am in love with the colorful polka dots and the cupcake (my favorite treat).  They were super fast, too!  I just ordered it last night and BAM! it was installed overnight.   
My plan over the weekend is to figure out how to post stuff through Teachers Pay Teachers.  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Apple starts with what?

This year I have two kids who are pretty low.  They aren't ready for a full guided reading lesson but they obviously need some help.  If you are looking for what to do with those kids I have the answer for you!  Our school gave us the book "The Next Step in Guided Reading" by Jan Richardson.  Wow!  I could spend the next month posting about the wonderful resources this book gives.  I made a cheat sheet so I could easily see what my lesson should look like.  I'm still VERY new at blogging though and can't figure out how to post the file.  Umm...this is embarrassing!  I guess I'll try again tomorrow.  Eventually I'll figure this whole this out! 

OK...trying this and crossing my fingers!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


We have parent teacher conferences tonight.  I was hoping to post some freebies but will have to wait.  LONG night ahead! 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Here goes nothing!  I've wanted to be a part of the blogging community for awhile now.  I finally decided to take the leap and just do it.  I hope you enjoy my posts!